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Ballast for Fluorecent Bulbs
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Fluorescent lamps are reasonably efficient at converting input power to light. Nevertheless, much of the power supplied into a fluorescent lamp-ballast system produces waste heat energy.
There are three primary means of to improving the efficiency of a fluorescent lamp-ballast system:

  • Reduce the ballast losses.
  • Operate the lamp(s) at a high frequency.
  • Reduce losses attributable to the lamp electrodes.

  • Newer, more energy-efficient ballasts, both magnetic and electronic, exploit one or more of these techniques to improve lamp-ballast system efficiency, measured in lumens per watt. The losses in magnetic ballasts have been reduced by substituting copper conductors for aluminum and by using higher grade magnetic components. Ballast losses may also be reduced by using a single ballast to drive three or four lamps, instead of only one or two. Careful circuit design increases efficiency of electronic ballasts. In addition, electronic ballasts, which convert the 60 Hz supply frequency to high frequency, operate fluorescent lamps more efficiently than is possible at 60 Hz. Finally, in rapid start circuits, some magnetic ballasts improve efficiency by removing power to the lamp electrodes after starting.


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