Recessed Lighting Back to Basics – Recessed Lighting In Plain Sight – But Hidden

October 20th, 2009

recessed lighting

recessed lighting

In today’s economy whether you’re building a new home or renovating an old home, recessed lighting can be a key element in both the function and style of the space.

Here are some basic tips in what to look for when considering installing recessed lighting.

Why You May Consider Recessed Lighting

  • Recessed lighting offers a clean, streamlined look in a home. It can increase the amount of light in a room, highlight artwork or other special features, and open up spaces so they look and feel bigger.

When to Use Recessed Lighting

  • Though recessed fixtures are most easily installed between ceiling joists of new building or major remodeling projects, some recessed fixtures are designed specifically for retrofit applications and can slip into an existing ceiling space through holes made to accommodate wiring; however, the fixtures you choose must be rated for use near insulation (IC housing rated) whenever ceiling insulation is present. When a ceiling is uninsulated, a non-IC housing may be used.

Where to Place Recessed Lighting Fixtures

  • Avoid recessed lighting fixtures placed too close together or in rows down the center of the room. This type of installation can have the look of an airport runway. Not Good!
  • Match the size of your recessed lighting fixtures to how close together they can be installed. The common rule is that 4-inch fixtures should generally be placed at least 4 feet apart and 6-inch fixtures about 6 feet apart.
  • Center recessed lighting fixtures in front of the objects you wish to light – a painting, bookshelf, or drapery panels, for example – and about 12 to 18 inches in front of that object.
  • Recessed lights used for reading or task lighting should be carefully placed overhead so your head and shoulders will not block needed light.
  • When lighting a three-dimensional object such as a fireplace, sculpture, or flower arrangement with recessed lighting, it is more effective to light it from two or three different angles.
  • Use wall-washing recessed lighting fixtures around the perimeter of a small room to help “push” the walls out and make the space feel larger, or aim them at a collection of artwork or photographs to call attention to the display.
  • Install recessed lighting fixtures in the bottom of your kitchen cabinets. The light will wash your counter top with focused light.

Sizing Recessed Light Fixtures

  • Whether you choose fixtures with standard line voltage, low voltage halogen, or fluorescent fixtures, the basic sizes are 4-, 5-, or 6-inches in diameter. The 6-inch fixtures can be used in tall entryways or two-story hallways, while the smaller 4-inch sizes work better in smaller spaces since they have a sleeker, contemporary look with minimal intrusion.


  • Adjustable recessed light eyeball fixtures can be aimed at artwork as accent lighting.
  • Cover the walls with light by selecting recessed wall washer fixtures.
  • Choose recessed reflectors when you want the most light from a fixture, or install white or black baffle trims to focus and direct light or reduce glare.
  • Miniture recessed Light are ideal for aceenting ornaments or Nick Nacks

Types of Light Bulbs for Recessed Lighting
When selecting or installing recessed lighting, several types of fixtures and bulbs are available for specific needs.

  • Incandescent, also known as “A” bulbs, are inexpensive and good for general light or wall washing with the use of reflectors.
  • “R” bulbs are most common and have a reflective surface included on the back of the bulb.
  • Halogen bulbs offer a clean white light, and are available in both flood and spot types in sizes to fit 4-, 5-, or 6-inch fixtures.
  • Low voltage halogen bulbs have a long life and put out more light than incandescent bulbs, but require the use of transformers and special low voltage housings.

Where Should Recessed Ligthing Be Avoided

  • Ceilings of concrete or with ornate plasterwork or delicate molding details are not good candidates for recessed lighting. In these spaces, choose a chandelier (if there is an electrical box in the ceiling), wall sconces, or table lamps instead.

Cautions About Recessed Lighting

  • Know your home’s construction before purchasing any lighting components, since each installation will be unique. Get advice from an experienced Light Bulbs Unlimited electrical salesperson on what parts are needed for your space – including special wiring, transformers, bulbs, or IC-rated housings. In some local areas you’re required to obtain building permits to upgrade or install recessed lighting. If the project is too advanced for your skills, have your new lights installed by a qualified electrician.

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Complete Lighting of Tampa Introduces Newest and Most Sophisticated LED Lighting In the Marketplace

April 1st, 2008

LED Lighting

Complete Lighting of Tampa, Florida introduces the most sophisticated and ultra modern LED lighting on the market.

From high-end retail stores to corporate headquarters and even elegant residential spaces Bruck lighting is a leader in its field and now their full range of LED lighting is available through Complete Lighting of Tampa.  

This unique LED lighting accentuates any environment with some of the most striking and innovative applications for any environment.  They offer a wide variety of manufacturing styles from Flex-Line, Mono-Points, V/A, High Line, Flight, Enzis and Orion LED.  The lighting fixtures range from LED pendants to spots and sconces. 

There is an extensive line of new LED lighting fixtures with striking new pendants and wall sconces.  The new product lines include the Bling, Bobo, Bollero, Chanti, Ledra, Lucy, Mystique, Rainbow and Zara collections with LED fixtures in both pendants and sconces.  The Siro, Sierra and Tango collections are the original lines, but are being expanded rapidly with the growing popularity of LED lighting.

The growing benefit to LED lights is their low energy consumption.  In an energy-driven economy where gas prices and energy cost continue to escalate everyday LED lighting offers an alternative with significant savings.  Over a one year period an LED light will be 3600% less expensive than an incandescent light and 1000% less than a compact fluorescent.  Over a ten year period with an average of 20 lights in your home you are looking at a savings in energy costs approaching $7000.  The LED light also has a lifespan 4 times greater than an incandescent light bulb.  There is also the added benefit of less heat produced by the bulb which translates into greater safety.

LED lights are available in all sorts of applications and styles from Bruck lighting and now you have direct access through Complete Lighting of Tampa.

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Complete Lighting of Tampa Supplies Lighting for Newly-Renovated Crowne Plaza in Detroit

December 14th, 2007

Today anounced By Complete Lighting of Tampa 

With the growing trend of hotel renovations to maintain and improve the profits of hotel chains, Complete Lighting of Tampa has supplied the Crowne Plaza Detroit – Novi Hotel in the northwest Detroit suburbs with new lighting. The 217 newly renovated guestrooms and property are now trimmed with lighting supplied by Complete Lighting of Tampa.

The Crowne Plaza is located near Detroit’s main attractions and foremost corporations.  It boasts Theo Daks Grille Restaurant and Whole Wine Yards Sports Bar.  Its other amenities include complimentary wireless internet access, 9200 square feet of functional meeting space, fitness room,  outdoor and indoor swimming pools, game room, and sauna.

 In addition to supplying the Crowne Plaza,  Complete Lighting of Tampa has supplied lighting for new construction and renovation projects such as the Holiday Inn Express in Tampa, Florida, The Hilton in Clearwater, FL and the Best Western in Punta Gorda, Florida.  The Best Western boasts the most hotels in the world with 4200 in 90 countries.  Holiday Inn claims the most rooms.

The Holiday Inn Express is a mid-priced hotel chain with the IHG family of brands. They cater to business travelers and short-term stays.

If you are a contractor, Development Company or hotel purchasing department looking for pricing on light bulbs or lighting fixtures, send an email to  or call 1-800-495-3258 and ask for Craig.

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Complete Lighting of Tampa Part of the Glitz in Downtown St. Pete Florida

December 10th, 2007

Not only is St. Pete the newest winter ‘Hot Spot’ according to NBC’s Today Show’s Travel Guru, Peter Greenburg, but there’s a housing, shopping, and dining renaissance going on in St. Pete. FL.

Residential opportunities include luxury waterfront condominiums, urban townhouse developments and historic hotels being restored into luxury condominiums. 

The popularity of downtown St. Pete combined with the popularity of buying condos over the past decade, has led to plans for an unprecedented number of new residential units.  From an affordable $170,000 to a $4 million penthouse at the Signature, you can enjoy all the amenities of life in downtown St. Pete.

With this growth, Complete Lighting of Tampa has had the opportunity to provide the lighting for the Walker Whitney Plaza in downtown St. Pete.  Irwin Contracting installed the lighting in the Plaza and used many of the modern fixtures that Complete Lighting of Tampa carries in several lines.

The Walker Whitney Plaza is one of the many high rise condos taking form in downtown St. Pete.  Other condos planned are the Plaza on 5th Avenue, Buyway Lofts, Parkshore Plaza, Grand Bohemian Hotel and Residences, Signature Place, the Edge, Ovation, the Sage, the Arts and 400 Beach Drive.  The distinctive lighting provided by Complete lighting of Tampa adds to the overall ambience of the Plaza and reflects the beauty of its architecture and design.

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Complete Lighting of Tampa Introduces Distinctive Novelty Lights for Kids by ELK Lighting to their Website

December 7th, 2007

ELK Lighing - Bi Plane Complete Lighting of Tampa 
has just introduced a new line of novelty
lighting for kids by ELK Lighting to their website.

ELK Lighting was founded in eastern Pennsylvania by three industry experts; Adolf Ebenstein, Jonathan Lesko and Russell King.  They offer a comprehensive suite of exclusive products to embrace your home with style and sophistication.  The company boasts lighting in world renown locations such as George Vanderbilt’s Biltmore Estate and the Historic Royal Palaces of England.

The novelty line is a great addition for any kid’s room and getting creative when decorating your first child’s nursery or bedroom can be a lot of fun for any parent.  Choosing between sports specialties to rocket ships and skateboards, to a globe of the world and race cars, you are looking at a most unusual gift for a special birthday or at Christmas.

Your child will never forget this gift and it will be the center of conversation for guests and other visitors to your home.

For a free preview of Complete Lighting of Tampa selection simply click here and see the delight on your childrens face when they view the unique selection of lights for their rooms; or you can view a portion of these lights by clicking on Novelty Lighting

Hinkley Lighting – Saturn Outdoor Path Light – 1579

October 22nd, 2007

1579 Hinkley Lighting Saturn Outdoor Path Lighting Complete Lighting of Tampa – offers one of the most comprehensive outdoor landscape lighting collection from Hinkley.The Hinkley product line presents traditional, classic, and elegant lighting fixtures for both your home and garden.

Featured Item:

1579 Hinkley Stainless Steel Saturn Outdoor Path Lighting

  • Stainless Steel outdoor path lighting with frosted glass
  • 0014BZ ground spike included
  • 8 feet diameter Light spread
  • One 18-watt T-5 wedge base included
  • 22H x 4-1/2W inches
  • 12 volts

Price: $124.00